I just wanted to say again how much we are going to miss you. You've been brilliant to work with, so professional, clear in your advice and generally helpful. I hope we can cross paths again.
Helen Flavin
Marshgate Primary School

Hello Team
Charlotte the OT has written an excellent OT plan to meet R's sensory needs. Please will you take the time to read and implement as relevant to your sessions.
Thank you


If K. is under any timed constraints, anxiety peaks so working on desensitising using computer apps and also training and overseeing her 1-1 to do likewise. Charlotte is absolutely brilliant. It took her two sessions to have a very in depth appreciation of the complex nature of her difficulties which her previous school had only scratched the surface of. Always sends long emails after each session explaining what she is doing and always ready to act on any of my worries.


Small hands can do big things!

Thank you Charlotte. The doctor felt you were right in your concerns.
Thank you though for being honest with us- we do appreciate it. Thank you also for the thoroughness of your report and all the hard work that you are putting in.

Charlotte, thank you so much for all the info, its much appreciated. Our daughter is definitely enjoying the sessions with you, she really looks forward to them. I think we are keen to continue with the sessions after this block finishes. 
Thanks again for your help.

I thought the report was amazing! Really liked the way you described the sensory processing element and the use of Winnie the Pooh symbols to explain. 
Best wishes
Team Lead- Kingston Child Services

Another great report -very informative and easy to understand. The info re extending her day was spot on. She now doesn't want to leave at 1.30 so we extended to 2 from yesterday and she was fine. We were watching the session you did on the iPad the other night. You are so good with our daughter. We were very impressed with the maze. Thank you so much. 


I’ve known A LOT of OTs Over the years with my older son and your reports and manner have been most to the point and practical!

Above and Beyond
I can not recommend Charlotte high enough. For the first time it felt as if I was being listened too regarding my concerns for my daughter. Charlotte did a lovely play session that we as parents were able to watch. Charlotte then went on to explain her findings in a language that we could understand. Provided the report that we needed in excellent detail and has remained in contact to answer any further questions. 

Thank you Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,
Thank you so much for all of your support, Sanaz has made huge progress thanks to you. You are amazing at what you do and know how to make a session fun and exciting. Sanaz has loved her sessions and I really appreciate all your help.

Hi Charlotte
Wow, great news, our son has done amazingly, we have really noticed a difference at home, 
i will speak with his teacher this week to see about him having OT next school year
Many thanks for all your hard work.

There's been great progress academically too. 

Thank you for your help Charlotte. 


Thank you Charlotte and for all your support! Your report, letter, documentation and care helped us immensely! x x x
Aunt of child