Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork or life skills?  Do they struggle to focus or have difficulties processing the world around them? If so give OTKids a call!


We are a child centred Occupational Therapy practice.  We have a wealth of experience to call upon in order to support your child, whilst ensuring they have fun, gain in confidence and progress.


So, if you need a helping hand, don't be afraid to reach out to OTKids!


We're here to help your child learn and grow.

Small hands can do big things!

To book a remote session or an in-person assessment call or email:

07891344094/ charlotte@otkids.co.uk


Behind the scenes!
We are a respected service and are frequently commissioned by local education services to provide OT input for children where local therapy services are unable to meet a child's needs.

Charlotte is also the consultant therapist for the Auriga Academy Trust which is a group of special needs schools within the borough of Richmond- overseeing and supervising the therapists across all the schools as well as leading the vision for integrated and embedded therapy throughout the school day.  

Charlotte is also a governor of the trust.