Small hands can do big things!

Remote Support

30 minute online (zoom) session with Charlotte to discuss your child's difficulties and provide on the spot relevant advice and strategies that may help overcome their challenges.  This is great for children that have specific areas of need- such as delayed self care or fine motor skills.

£20 for 30minute session.

OT assessment and Report
Assessment of Occupational Therapy needs.  Goals set and advice embedded into report.

Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) OT assessment and Report  
A school based assessment of up to 3 hours, giving time to assess as well as observe your child within their school environment.  A personalised EHCP report formatted in a style which is recognised by local authorities will then be provided.

NB: OTKids generally makes OT recommendations using both a direct and consultative model of treatment (rather than weekly therapy) when making school based recommendations in order to ensure therapy advice is fully integrated into the child's daily routine.

Attendance at EHCP meetings


Annual Review report following provision of treatment package

Treatment session
School or home (including goal sheets as required)
£75 per hour.

Communication and liaison via telephone/ email in excess of first 15 minutes

£75 per hour

School consultancy
School training e.g. inset/ twilight, training of 1:1 support assistants, supervision of band 5,6,7 or equivalent Occupational Therapists.
(per hour, including paperwork)

School day rates
Schools- If you have a number of children who require OT you may be interested in purchasing our day rate.  This includes 7.5hrs of onsite OT.
From £300 per day.  
Please call to discuss your needs for a personalised quote.

Tribunal Report Package
Assessment using standardised tools and extensive clinical expertise tailored to your tribunal requirements. We will work with your legal representative in order to provide a sound and reflective report regarding the occupational therapy needs of your child for tribunal purposes. 


Tribunal Representation 
Administration- including emails, pre meetings, professional liaison, reviewing documentation, commenting

Tribunal Attendance: £800 per day.

Travel Time
Travel time costs will be added to all bookings at a rate of 90% of hourly rate.  This will be kept to a maximum time of 1 hour when within borough.

Cancellation Policy
No charge if more than 10 working days notice is given.
Cancellation within 5-10 working days- 50% of session cost will be invoiced.  
If less than 5 working days notice is given the full session cost will be invoiced.